Warm beginnings

Comfort is just a thread away: our new Super 160 wool. Its secret: it is finely carded. The dense knitting and fine micron of this wool provide the charm you need for your sweaters to follow you everywhere from the city to the countryside. Its surface and touch reminds us of the Scottish Shetland pullovers.

“ I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style. ” — Lindsey Wixson

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A devastatingly chic with a casual feel

Australian Super 160 merino wool is a revolution! Soft and felted, it is spun so finely that the diameter of each thread is a tenth of a strand of hair! Its carding process, which infuses its fibre with air bubbles, stretching it, lightens the weight of the knit by 50% while maintaining its power to warm. You really think you’re wearing a cloud.