The Art of Wearing Classics, One Fibre at a Time.

"Clothing is the instrument of man’s dignity [translation]," said a French ethnologist. ça va de soi believes that people should have access to real products, to great, soft, sustainable materials, in flattering and inspiring shades, and in styles that live in the moment while transcending time.

“ Clothing is the instrument of man’s dignity [translation]. ”

— André Leroi-Gourhan, ethnologist

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Australian Super 160 Merino Wool

As rich as it is simple, Australian Super 160 merino wool is a revolution! Its soft, felted texture makes it devastatingly chic with a casual feel. Its wool is the finest that can be created today: close to 10 times finer than a strand of hair! It has also undergone a carding process to infuse its fibre with air bubbles, to better bring out its spleadour. The technique lightens the weight of the knit by 50%, while preserving its power to warm. You would swear you’re wearing a cloud. This season, it comes in Black, Sapphire, Pearl and Caviar, a rich, deep heathered shade.