A tribute to slowness

Slowness is not synonymous with doing less or missed opportunities but the contrary; taking our time allows us to accomplish things with pleasure at the forefront resulting in better outcomes.

« I make movies to realize my teenage Dreams, to make myself feel good and make others feel good about themselves. Happiness is the easiest thing but lots of people  transform it info à terrible struggle. »
— François Truffaut


The warm sweater

This revisited crew-neck sweater is made of Super 100 carded virgin wool, offering a rare knitwear experience. The reason: its finer than average micron and treatment resulting from years of expertise in Biella, Italy. This pure wool from Australian sheep, also known as Geelong, produces a soft, warm, comforting, wool that is incredibly light.

Blizzard & Doris

Tweed Donegal
A comfortable, enveloping wool that screens out the cold. An authentic casual wool that brings to mind the familiar warmth of home-knit sweaters. The nostalgic charm of the nuances in the tweed is a plus!