Fine Knitwear

Egyptian Mako Cotton & Cashmere


Cotton & Cashmere is the result of research focused towards exclusive and sustainable yarns. This collection is made of a blend of a top Egyptian extra long staple cotton, with long and thin fibers, exclusively handpicked to avoid impurities in the fibre; and top-quality Hircus goat Cashmere combed by hand from the softer and woollier part of the fleece, the duvet.The union of these two superb raw materials creates "Cotton&Cashmere", an extraordinarily soft yarn.The wide chromatic range includes nuances dominated by the strong trending shades for this season: lemonade, negroni, mojito, and blue lagoon. We are grateful everyday to work with our friends and partners, Italian yarn spinners and artisans that give life to colors and show respect and passion for natural fibres.

« If we could put humor into everything we do, it would be extraordinary because humor is the critical sense, it is the deep analysis of the human character. »
— René Clément


Oscalito x ça va de soi

A tribute to femininity

Our family is teaming with the Oscalito family to create the perfect duo. Our two families share the same values of passion and authenticity. We work with only noble and natural fibres, manufacturing products with exquisite attention to detail and in an environmentally responsible manner. Exclusively in Canada in our boutiques.