Fine Knitwear

August 2018

Classic, yet modern

It’s very simple. Lasting and functional, ça va de soi is inspired by real life. It brilliantly captures all the nostalgia of the timeless cuts and elegantly bestows upon them a modern appeal that carries them into the present, sustainably. The approach is clear, direct, and never strays from the path. Between the permanent collection and the avant-garde creations that punctuate the seasons, the com¬mon thread never breaks.

“The one who is able to feel the passion is that he can inspire it. ” — Marcel Pagnol

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Linen + Cotton

This fibre that we call ‘the summer duo’ exudes comfort and elegance in the warmest, most humid of temperatures. The combination of fibres naturally exhibits a vintage look and is the basis of unique pieces ideal for warmer weather. The linen has an unmatched ability to absorb moisture.