Fine Knitwear


The iconic t-shirt

A pure hybrid between two sacred fashion icons: the T-shirt, the ultimate in comfort and versatility, and the pullover, exceptional through its superior-quality material and details. Charme's border and neckline, for example, are narrowly tapered for a sporty and refined look.

« My idea is to make fifty films, that will all have a common thread. »
— Jacques Demy



The thousand washes cotton

COM4-zero is the cotton of our dreams. The perfect cotton ... which remains perfect. The fruit of fifty years of research, this Italian thread combines the ancient beauty of Egyptian cottons with cutting-edge spinning technology that almost completely eliminates ruffling of the yarn, which, over time, leads to pilling. Indeed, the zero of its name refers to "zero pilling", even after several washes. This thread is not very twisted and advantageously retains the natural elasticity of the fiber, which gives more movement to the clothes it generates. Smoother, it gains in strength to better withstand time. More stable, it retains its colors indefinitely.