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Egyptian Cotton, the most beautiful cotton in the world
Spring 2017
Egyptian Cotton
When it comes to cotton, the soil that produces it is just as important as the notion of terroir for wine.Since antiquity, the land of northern Egypt has been recognized as producing the best cotton: varieties of extra-long staple (ELS), as the fibres are called, which are transformed into fine, silky, resistant threads.
On this land with a human dimension, cotton is still grown as it was centuries ago. The soil is left fallow if the conditions are not ideal, and the cotton is carefully picked by hand. It is in Egypt that the most reputable Italian spinners find their raw material, notably Giza 45 and 70, cottons with extra-long fibres (ELS) that have inspired ça va de soi creations over the years.

“A true story, based on love,
inspired by nature’s beauty”

Egyptian Cotton Giza 70
Egyptian cotton Giza 70/88
The nostalgic cotton. Capturing the spirit of seventies-era tennis apparel, this ELS (extra-long staples) Egyptian cotton is the very essence of the classic cotton pullover in a supersoft version. It can be worn solo in any season since it can always hold its own. This rich, comforting material lends itself to endless interpretations and countless textural variations.