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Egyptian Cotton, the most beautiful cotton in the world
Spring 2017
Like slow food, slow fashion is in no way a new fashion. Instead, slow fashion is a return to the essential, to an ethical, intelligent art of living that respects the environment, of course, but also the very nature of each and every one of us. There is no trend to follow in this attitude, except perhaps the pleasure of being oneself in elegance and comfort. At the heart of slow fashion is the fibre. Natural, ethical, and of a superior quality that withstands the test of time. A fibre that we turn into pure designs that make a statement through elegance and perfection, and let the wearer take centre stage.This philosophy has driven ça va de soi since its very beginnings, nearly 30 years ago, and shaped our values even before the term “slow wear” was invented.

“ An acounter between emotion and reason, the start of an ever-lasting, enriching journey.”

Egyptian Cotton Giza 70
Egyptian cotton COM4-ZERO™
Com4-zero is the perfect cotton: it never pills and preserves its sheen, colour and finish for years to come. The patented com4-zero® spinning technique, resulting from 50 years of research, virtually eliminates fuzziness, which over time causes pilling. Indeed, the “zero” in the namestands for zero pilling — even after many washes.
Egyptian Cotton Giza 70
Egyptian cotton Giza 70/88
The nostalgic cotton. Capturing the spirit of seventies-era tennis apparel, this ELS (extra-long staples) Egyptian cotton is the very essence of the classic cotton pullover in a supersoft version. It can be worn solo in any season since it can always hold its own. This rich, comforting material lends itself to endless interpretations and countless textural variations.