Fine Knitwear

June 2018

Light as a summer breeze...

In June, as summer looms bright and warm, the spirits lighten and an easy-breezy feeling takes over… You want to feel free, light. You want to breathe, relax, feel the sun caress your skin with its first blazing rays… This lightness of being, that summer brings out in us, playfully transforms our dress code. What’s more flowy and comfy than a summer dress, or to bare your arms with a chic and sexy camisole?  In one easy move, you slip on your knitted dress. No fuss, no buttons, and you are dressed. Effortless yet elegant. And in this dress, you feel the soft caress of the summer breeze. And like the cherry on the sundae, the sweet cardigan completes the look seamlessly, multiplying the possibilities, protecting you from rays and chill, with a splash of colour and a clean dose of style. 

“One can remain eternally young if, each day, one grows rich by marvelous moments ” — Romy Schneider

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The Thousand Washes Cotton

The cotton pullover or t-shirt that is built for performance. Pieces made of this yarn display as an elegant top layer or to adopt as a comfortable under-layer. The supple-ness of the knit allows limitless natural movement. Made with COM4-zero ™ fine spun cotton thread, this knit will preserve its perfect sheen, colour and finish for years to come.