Fine Knitwear



When you think about it, the cardigan is a sewn blazer redesigned and transformed in a knitted version. And this is exactly what ça va de soi does best: reinterprets a classic, makes it less rigid, more flexible and softer. With or without a collar, short or long sleeves, zipped, belted or buttoned, longer or shorter, black, ivory or azure-blue, the cardigan is a must - in all its forms.

“ I love, I live, between the two, I laugh. ” — Louis de Funès



Transition to Spring

This short sleeve sweater is not short of softness. This knit is made with the most prestigious blend in the world: 15-micron cashmere (70%) and mulberry silk (30%). The secret lies in the finishing technique of this worsted yarn (exclusive to the best yarn maker in Italy), resulting in a flawless, even finish. This knitted t-shirt will feel the closest to you, and for every occasion.