Super 160 merino wool, italian yarn
Pre Fall 2017
super 160, wool's finest
The arrival of small editions of extra-fine Super 160 merino wool is simply the arrival of the most beautiful wool in the world. It’s indescribably soft, imperceptibly refreshing, and subtly supple. This gift from nature, shorn from top Australian sheep, is in no way a sure thing. Although the farmers guarantee exceptionally good breeding conditions—they go so far as to monitor the water that their animals drink—they are nonetheless aware that nature always has the last word. But when the stars are aligned and everything goes well, from the fibre drawn to processed yarn, dyed and spun by the expert hands of the top artisans, we are still truly amazed.

“ Shopping at ça va de soi means moving away from the superficial, embracing comfort, and rethinking the lines between seasons, eras and generations. But above all, it comes down to experiencing an emotion. ”

Merino wool fine crewneck cardigan
The ultra-fine jersey poplin-inspired cotton
Super 160 — Merino Wool
Simply the most beautiful wool in the world. This Australian fibre, with extra-long staples, is remarkably soft, flexible and cool.