Fine Knitwear


Bold & colourful

Whether adventurous, pop, urban, bohemian or more classic : colors are a way to claim personal style. It’s glam, it’s chic, in a refined simplicity. Color provoques, sparks, inspires. Color is a splash of fun, and brings hope.

« If we could put humor into everything we do, it would be extraordinary because humor is the critical sense, it is the deep analysis of the human character. »
— René Clément


The Ballerina Sweater


Ballerina sweaters, ça va de soi loves to revisit them every season. This season, Veronica’s edge comes in a splash colour and the refinement of its neckline details. We produced this knit in 4 rich hues (hank dyed by Italian masters): pineapple, pistachio, guava, black.