Carded wool is a passion at ça va de soi. The selection of wools, their blends, the dyeing of the fibre by masters in Italy; guarantee a timeless quality. The flannel yarn offers the best of both worlds: the 4-season thermal effect of merino (50%), and the warmth of cashmere when you need it. It is knitted in 14-gauge, very rare for carded fibre, because it needs a noble quality with very long staples to be able to pass them with the carding mill. The finished product offers a more refined surface that makes a perfect transition between seasons, day and evening. It is the warm sweater that can be worn for any occasion, yet still offering a lightweight experience. Its secret, a carding technique that introduces air bubbles. Your sweaters and cardigans will be easy to care for, and unforgettable travel companions.

« It may be normal, darling; but I'd rather be natural. »
— Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's



The classic functional crew
A must in a wardrobe to be collected in al colors. Made with 60% mérinos, 20% cashmere and 20% silk, it will keep you warm in comfort and élégance. Its carded fabric composed of 60% super 100 wool, 20% cashmere and 20% silk is the ideal blend for mid-seasons and winter, bringing comfort along with style. Wool preserves the body’s heat, while cashmere brings warmth and silk gets in the game to strenghten, and lighten while bringing a sheen. Our research and development led us to choose this yarn this season for a men s collection. This yarn meets the criterias of the dynamic and elegant ça va de soi man by offering him sweaters of an ideal weight – just thick enough to be worn on their own and fine enough to go under a jacket. Miles will feel cool and warm when you need it, and above all, durable and easy to care for. Available in sea lion, jeans mélange, grizzli, and black.


You will not be able to do without this fine boxer-short feminized by the Calais™lace trim. Bloomer will keep you warm under your dresses, skirts and pants in an imperceptible way thanks to its fineness. Made with an intimate blend of extra-fine merinos and silk for warmth and coziness, its seamless ribbed tubular knitting serves as natural elasticity, adapting to the movements of your body, becoming a second skin. The Calais lace trim contributes to its fantasy and feminity. Discover this knit to enjoy a warm, comfortable winter in elegance and refinement. Entirely made in Italy in the pure European tradition of the art of wearing woolen lingerie. Available in black and ghisa.